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FLSA Collective Actions

Fink + Associates Law attorneys have litigated Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Collective Actions.

FLSA provides minimum federal standards for wages, overtime pay and other work issues. Employees may be eligible to participate in collective action lawsuits if an employer has failed to meet the requirements of FLSA, addressing issues such as compensation for the time it takes an employee to “don and doff” required work clothing, compensation for all hours worked, procedures for clocking in and out which may unfairly reduce wages paid, payment of overtime wages and many other matters.

In appropriate cases, the FLSA collective action procedure permits hundreds or even thousands of claims involving similarly-situated employees to be handled in a single lawsuit. Cases that might not otherwise warrant the time and attention of a full-blown lawsuit can be handled as a consolidated matter much more efficiently, allowing aggrieved workers a chance to have their rights vindicated and exposing defendants to potentially-large judgments.

FLSA collective actions, like class actions, pose particular risks to defendants, who, like plaintiffs, need to be represented by counsel experienced in handling these unique cases.